Hunt Allen
Teacher/ Trainer/ University Instructor

Native language: -English, USA
Currently living in: United States
Skype name: Hunt

  Let me tell you about myself.

I am presently back in the USA, and I am seeking another work assignment. I am open to teach and live in South Korea, China, Other Asian countries, UAE, Europe or South America. I am a healthy 67 year old man. If age is not a problem, please contact me. I am available immediately.

I prefer to teach at a university or work as a corporate trainer. I have experience teaching all ages, as well as developing and teaching courses to industry personnel in the corporate environment. My experience includes Education, Teaching, Training, Professional Development, Program Management and Administration, Curriculum Development, International Consulting, Sales and Marketing, and Business Management.
In the USA, I have taught middle school students and have extensive experience teaching at North Carolina State University including teaching, curriculum development, program administration, management for Lifelong Education Programs and Director of a Distance Learning Masters Degree Program. Additionally, I was student advisor to undergraduate students. In Taiwan, I taught Conversation English to Taiwanese Army Officers. In South Korea, I taught ESL, Reading, Grammar, Conversation English, Science, Public Speaking, and Essay Writing to students from 3 years old to adults. In China, I taught ESL, Business English, Marketing, and other Business Courses to university students.

My Qualifications:

* Proven track record in training, professional development, education, and management,
* Successful background in teaching, management, administration, sales and marketing,
* Over 10 years experience in sales and marketing of products and services to businesses,
* One year experience teaching conversation English to Taiwanese Army Officers at Linkou, Taiwan,
* Over 8 years experience teaching and program administration with North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina,
* One year experience elementary school teaching in Virginia,
* Over 6 years experience in program development, curriculum development and competency test development for North Carolina Public Schools,
* Eight years experience developing and teaching industry specific programs to industry management personnel,
* Over 6 years experience in course development and teaching North Carolina Public School teachers for recertification credit,
* Over 6 months experience teaching Business English, ESL, and Business Courses at Raffles International College, Changchun University, in Changchun, China,
* Over 7 months ESL experience teaching pre-school, elementary, high school and adult students at a private English Academy in Korea with emphasis on conversation, reading, writing skills, science, language arts and public speaking,
* Earned Associate of Science Degree in Business Administration,
* Earned Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management,
* Earned Masters Degree in Education plus advanced degree coursework, and
* Extensive industry training and professional development for industry supervisors, managers and senior management.

Most of my information is included in this email along with information attached. The following will answer some questions which may not be included:

1. Full Name: Hunt Morrison Allen
2. Address: 4139 Wesley Woods Drive, Rock Hill, SC 29732
3. Nationality: United States of America
4. Country of Birth: United States
5. DOB: 28 June 1944
6. Information on my Degrees earned and university/college attended is included in my CV.
7. Teaching experience information is included in my cover letter and in my CV.
9. Passport Expiration Date: 29 Mar 2015
10. Telephone Number: 803-233-4027
11. I have my original degrees.
12. I have sealed and stamped copies of my official transcripts for both my BS and my Masters.
13. I should be available to begin work March 1, 2008.
14. I will be living alone since my wife chooses not to live outside the US. I will need a furnished private non-shared apartment, and prepaid roundtrip airfare.
15. Based upon salaries I recently received in China and South Korea, an acceptable salary range would be US$2500. to US$2700. per month plus a furnished non-shared western-style apartment, prepaid airfare and other normal benefits. Salary may be negotiable depending upon the location and the job responsibilities.

Please contact me for any additional information. I look forward to your response and to learning more about your specific needs. My email address is . I am an excellent dedicated teacher and corporate trainer who is healthy and energetic with an ability to inspire students of all ages to want to learn. I know that my adult training experience, younger student teaching experience, student advising, and my university teaching experience and skills would be an excellent fit with the requirements of most companies, universities and schools.


Hunt M. Allen

  • Onsite: I am open to almost any area, city, or country, as long as my employer pays for my expenses in full, provides me with a furnished apartment in safe acceptable area and an acceptable salary.
Please contact me for more information.