Hunt Allen
Teacher/ Trainer/ University Instructor

Native language: -English, USA
Currently living in: United States
Skype name: Hunt

  Let me tell you about myself.

My Qualifications:

1. Over 8 1/2 years of university teaching experience at North Carolina State University in North Carolina teaching classes in textiles and business,
2. Over 6 months teaching experience at Raffles International University at Changchun University in China teaching Business English, Marketing Research, Financial Analysis, and ESL for university students,
3. Over 22 months of ESL experience with two private English schools in Korea teaching kindergarten, elementary, middle school, high school, and adults,
4. Over 1 year volunteer Conversation English teaching in Taiwan to Taiwanese Army Officers,
5. Over 14 months private English Tutoring in the USA for a Cambodian businessman teaching Grammar, Writing, Pronunciation, and Business English, and one month private tutoring for a German university student in Conversation English and Grammar,
6. Over 1 year of substitute teaching in Virginia for middle school students and in South Carolina for middle school and high school students,
7. Over 10 years of corporate training for major US corporations,
8. Over 8 years of curriculum development for adult students and teachers,
9. Program Manager for Continuing Education, Program Director for a Masters Degree in Textiles Program through distance learning, Advising University students, Developed training programs and curriculum in Textiles for industry managers and teachers, and Conducted corporate training classes for managers and supervisors.
10. Over 20 years of management experience with large corporations in the USA such as Sara Lee Corporation and Nike.

Additional Qualifications are
• Proven track record in training, professional development, education, and management,
• Successful background in teaching, management, administration, sales and marketing,
• Over 10 years experience in sales and marketing of products and services to businesses,

Available for employment.

  • Full-time, Contract
  • Location: I am open for working in almost any counry, city or area. Many countries have age restrictions, so it has to be a country that will issue a work visa to someone who is 67 years old. I am very healthy and energetic, and I would like to work for many more years.
  • ESL Job Interests: I would prefer teaching at a university or working as a corporate trainer, but I also enjoy teaching small children. I am an enthusiastic, energetic and results-oriented teacher. I like teaching all age students. It is very rewarding to work with and inspire students, both children and adults, to do their best to learn.
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